• YUN, the Aroma Spaceship

    is a world first levitating incense holder with mindfulness experience

    As you adjust the pod and find the balance point in the mid-air, you will give yourself time to calm down and concentrate.

    When the pod and the incense are being 'set', YUN helps you focus and concentrate in a mindful way.

    The dreamy smoke cloud also helps you relieve from stress and stay focused on the present moment.

    Appreciate the aroma of incense ingredients such as agarwood and sandalwood, which provide calming and soothing effects.

  • YUN is inspired by Zen.

    Design Concepts

    The white pod and the black base represent the Heaven and the Earth.
    The arising smoke resembles the drifting clouds and flowing water as seen in traditional Chinese paintings.
    The unity of motion and stillness is in concord with the concept of Tai Chi theory.

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