mindfulness experience in 3 minutes

Find the sense of balance and inspirations

from the present moment

Too much stress is accumulated from life and work,

yet meditation classes are too expensive

and the hidden temples are far away…

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Zen + Technology

With the help of technology,

grasp the profound meaning of Zen

Black & White design | Zen interaction | Flowing fragrance | Slow the mind down

There is a place called Yi-Gather Community in between

Hualin Zen Temple and Guangxiao Temple in Guangzhou, China.

YUN was born there.

Hualin Temple was established on the spot where Daruma,

the first transmitter of Zen Buddhism, landed in China.

Guangxiao Temple , was where the Sixth Patriarch of the Zen lineage Huineng, became a monk.

I feel comfortable to the smoke .

The smoke seems to be effective,

for people can found their own answers by looking through it.”


How YUN works

When YUN base is charged, through the delicate balance between the magnets’ forces

YUN pod floats in the mid-air, defying gravity, bringing you a wondrous experience

Specially-made incense cones allow incense smoke flow downwards,

through YUN pod’s bottom to the base.


Yun base Yun pod
Color Black White
Size diameter 22CM,height 2.2CM diameter 9CM,height 3.8CM
Weight 820g 240g
Voltage 12V/2A
Temperature 0~40℃ Heating area>=1000℃,
non-heating 0~180℃
Maximum load 150g
Magnet type Ferrite Neodymium
Certification CE,ROHS,FCC
Package Yun pod x 1, Yun base x 1 12 V power supply

We arrived on Kickstarter.com at May 24, 2017